Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Storm day - quilting day!!

Well, it seems the big storm is going to hit us in SW Ontario after all. The wind right now is beating on my front window sounding quite fierce. The schools have already closed for tomorrow.
DS had a friend over after school, and plans were made for a sleepover. Unfortunately, homesickness took over and Grandpa saved the day and took his grandson home. If weather permits he may make it back here tomorrow for playtime.
But - seriously, what better to do on a snow day than make a big pot of tea and quilt! I've started quilting the purple and blue quilt for my niece. The black areas need to be quilted in black. So I reached for my black thread was almost empty! How did I let that happen. Thankfully I noticed that before the storm hit and made a hasty trip to the store and stocked up.. now, bring it on!

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