Saturday, June 18, 2011

FNSI results

A little sewing, a little Dewey, a little Shakespeare, a little scrapbooking, it was quite a day.
I started in the morning, putting some of the HST's together for my son's new quilt. He informed me last week that his quilt was "too short", so I'm making him a new one out of HST's from scraps. He helped put the HST's on the design wall so the design is uniquely his, and in the process he learned a lesson about geometry!!

The afternoon was a no-sew zone as it was my day to be library volunteer in the school library. It is officially closed for the season, but there is still lots to be done. We have to clean and dust all the shelves and return the books to perfect Dewey decimal order so inventory can be taken and lost books searched for.

AND, my son's grade 5 class put on "Romeo and Juliet". Yes, ten year olds doing Shakespeare. They had a blast! The students also did all the staging, lights and curtains for the play and they did an amazing job. My son was one of the narrators - he even had makeup on! He looked so handsome with his rosy cheeks and red lips, decked out in a black poncho with gold braid.
At one point the young lady who played Juliet's mom overacted her "happy news" line and caused the actors to break into giggles. Despite that, "the play did go on!"
I got home around 9 so by then the whole idea of settling down to quilt was too much.

So, I got out my scrapbooking stuff instead. Our London Modern Quilt Guild has decided to include a half hour "learning" time at our meetings. The "teachers" will rotate among the members. Cara, of CaraQuilts and I are doing the learning session later this month. So, we've decided to tackle the issue of HST's. We'll be doing a clinic on the versatility and use of color in HST blocks. We'll be using 3"square HST's to do the hands on part of the lesson, so I'm cutting 100's of triangles from various colorways of scrapbook paper. Some of the papers are two sided, so that will help in learning about color value as we'll have even more choices in color. I'll be doing more for the next few days until I have a healthy pile of triangles for the members to play with.
That's what I did Friday night., How about you?


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

It sounds like your son is very excited to be watching his new quilt develope. What a great way to spend on a FNSI!

Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The quilt I worked on Friday Night is 84 inches long. I wanted to make sure my son didn't outgrow this one. With any luck he has stopped growing! I have been told by a medical doctor that once boys start to shave they stop growing, hope that is encourageing for you.

Deanna said...

All those solids are beautiful!

georgie said...

Hi Teresa,
I sure hope your right about keeping sane while the terrible toddler phases passes by.You sure have been busy for the FNSI you put me to shame I didn't do very much at all.
Georgie x