Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Isacord thread - I like it!

On Leah Day's blog, she states that she loves Isacord thread and uses it almost exclusively. Since she's my go to quilt guru, I thought, maybe, I should try some.
Lately I've been unimpressed with my usual thread, I don't know if they've changed it, or I've changed, but it's been breaking a LOT and if I'm sewing over seams, I have to use a 90/14 needle or it shreds.
So, there was no time like now to try it.
I quilted an entire twin size quilt tonight. I had NO thread breakage AT ALL. This thread is a trooper. Once things were going along well, I made sure I sewed over as many seams as I could find just to give it a really good test. I was amazed. Absolutely NO shredding, No skipped stitches, and No breaking.
And - since it's thin, a bobbin holds a lot of thread. I only had one bobbin change. So, with starting, one bobbin change, and stopping, I only had to bury 3 sets of thread. That's worth it right there.
I purchased my trial cone from (Leah Day's web store) and it was quite reasonable at $6 (US) for a 1000 meter spool. I will definitely be ordering more.

I like the way it quilted up. It was easy to travel stitch back over lines of stitching, and it made the design stand out very nicely.
Now I just have to do the border and bind it and it's ready for gifting. This one's going to my brother and sister in law for their new cottage.

This is the front - 10" blocks sashed with blue/yellow/purple fabric.

And this is the back. I love how this fabric coordinated so well with the front. By the way, my sister in law's favorite color is yellow - can you tell?

So what have you been up to lately?

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