Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update on the hole in the lawn

A couple of weeks back, I posted that I was having hydro woes at my house. Well, the utility came, dug a rather large - two person sized hole in the front yard between the driveways. So much for getting a new driveway out of the deal (shoot!) They fussed with it for the week, and Friday afternoon filled it in and called it done.
But the problem was still there.
So, I called them again. Another service guy came out. Confirmed that there was still a problem outside of the house, but also told me there was a problem with the mount ON the house. Unfortunately, getting that part fixed is my problem. So, he hooked me back up to the neighbour's house and made an X on the grass where there would be digging - again.
Monday morning - the backhoe came. and they dug up the yard again, only this time the hole is bigger. As of today, it is not fixed, there is a large hole in the yard with plywood over it and an orange fence around it.
Apparently it's extremely interesting for all the boys of the neighbourhood. Fortunately, their parents have instilled the fear of electrocution in them and they're giving it a wide berth.
Tuesday the electrician is supposed to come, the hydro is supposed to be here at the same time, so they can shut off the service and the electrician can change the mount on the house. Then we'll see how long it takes to fix the service.
Perhaps they'll have to dig up the driveway after all. I can hope - right?

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