Friday, April 27, 2012

Can I whine just a little bit more?

Most days, I love being a homeowner.  Some days, NOT.
Monday, the one tenant told me that rather than moving June 1, he would be leaving THIS weekend.  Sigh.
Then the toilet backed up.  This kind of put me over the top.  Plunging and snaking did nothing, so we prepared to remove the toilet and do it the hard way.  I made a hasty trip to my local Home Hardware (great store) and grabbed a wax seal for when we would reinstall it.  When I got home - miracle!  It was working.  I guess we did dislodge whatever was the problem.  I think I'll keep the wax ring - even if it is only to ward off the evil spirits.

Some days, I need to just hide, .....  and quilt.

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Kelli said...

Always good to ward off evil spirits. ;) We are just having our first tenant experience, but knock on wood and every other surface, everything is going okay so far and he seems to be really nice. Hopefully the house will stay in working order for a while! I hope the toilet monster stays away for you!! :) xo