Friday, April 20, 2012

FNSI - I need you so much today!

I'll post about what I get done tomorrow.  In the meantime I'll explain WHY I need FNSI so badly today.
Wednesday, both my boarders gave notice that they will be moving June 1.  One is moving into an apartment with a buddy, and the other is moving to another city.  I'm happy for both of them.  I'm not so happy about having to replace them.  :(
Yesterday, I'm advised by the downstairs tenant that he noticed a water leak in the basement.  It seems I've had a slow leak in the one corner, coming from the shut off valve, just before the water meter.  Thank Goodness it's before the meter, as that makes it the city's problem and not mine to replace it.
Step 1, call carpet guy to clean/dry carpet and install fans.
Step 2, on further consideration, call home insurance.
Step 3, try not to freak out when insurance adjuster notices there is the beginning of mould, and that the drywall is also damp.  (I just installed that drywall in September!)
Note: the tenant thought the smell was his dirty laundry and wondered why his asthma was acting up.  Silly boys!
Step 4, Shut off fans so it doesn't spread the mould.
Step 5, get up early Friday to be "up and dressed" for contractors.
Step 6, first contractor arrives at 9:00 am, installs a dehumidifier the size of a bus.  Tells me the "rip out" guys are going to be another hour or so, as they are running behind.
Step 7, City engineers arrive at 10:00 am to shut off water, replace valve and meter, and turn the water back on.  Only a small hole in the lawn from locating the street shut off valve. :)
Step 8, Get email from accountant, tax papers are ready to sign.  Walk the dog to destress.
Step 9, "rip-out" guys arrive at 1:40 pm, just a "little" late for the estimated 8am-12 pm time frame.
Step 10, leave one boarder in charge as I dash to the school to pick up son for a Dr's appointment that we've waited weeks for and could not be changed to next Friday - when he has a PD day and is off school - because the Dr will be away next week.
Step 11, cope with son's attitude about having to go for a "checkup"
Step 12, after checkup, Dr mentions she wants bloodwork
Step 13, watch son have total meltdown.
Step 14, drive to accountant's office to sign income tax forms.  For the first time in my life, I have to pay instead of get a refund.  Oh yay.
Step 15, stop at the lab on the way home to get son's bloodwork done.  Praying all the way that they are not closed for the weekend yet because if he has to freak out over it for the whole weekend - I won't cope, I know it.
Step 16,  Hold hand, hold face away, coo, coax, and generally get it done!  As soon as the bloodwork is done, he starts to relax and get REALLY chatty and silly.  This is my guy when a stressful situation resolves - he gets motor-mouth.
Step 17, Arrive home to find the extent of the drywall rip out.  Not as bad as expected - should be able to fix with a sheet and a half when the time comes.   See the extent of the moisture damage to floor and carpet - worse than expected.  Boarder will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the den for the next 2 weeks while it dries out and then wait for the contractors to repair said rip out.
Step 18, check phone to find my Mom has called 3 times since I left home at 1:40 to "see how it's going."  I love my mom.
Step 19, crash on sofa.  Dog crashes at my side.  Will rest a bit before making a valiant effort to sew SOMETHING for FNSI tonight.
Big Sigh.


A.J. Dub. said...

Bummer day! Hang in there!

Heidi said...

Holy Cow you have had your hands full girl! We missed you Friday Night - but I can totally understand why you didn't make it. The good news is that there is always May!!