Monday, April 9, 2012

Sewing club big finish :)

If you've been following my blog, you'll know about "my girls" in our sewing club.  They are 11 years old and are soaking up learning to sew like sponges.  They're amazing.  Nothing daunts them - I think it's a case of fresh minds.  They've never been told to fear certain parts of garment sewing.
So it's with great pride that I present "my girls" in their big finish - fleece hoodies!

In a matter of a few months, they've gone from learning how to turn on a sewing machine to:
Threading a machine and a bobbin.
Cleaning a machine.
Changing the machine foot, new needle.
How to thread the machine for a double needle.
Learning to read a pattern, check it for size, purchase the needed amount of fabric.
How to trace out the right size onto tissue paper using a multi-size pattern.
Convincing parents to buy fabric for FUN!  Future quilters???
They learned to stitch seams, finish seams, topstitch, double needle topstitch,   gather, stitch in the ditch, and Un-stitch too.
They learned about pre-shrinking fabric.
They learned that the iron can be their friend.
They learned how to insert a zipper into a seam.
They learned how to insert a separating zipper.
They learned how to set in sleeves.
They learned how to add a cuff to a sleeve using the freeam of their machine.
and along the way they learned a bit of trouble shooting, how to use "modern" sewing techniques (like basting tape, fusible web, rotary cutters, washable markers etc)
they learned that sewing is fun.................................

What am I most proud of?  These girls, after only a few months of sewing, decided on their own to use their skills to make their summer dream of attending a National Camp for girls,   buy making and selling headbands.

You girls ROCK !!


A.J. Dub. said...

That sounds like a fabulous club! Wish I could join. Their leader rocks too!!

Danielle Hudson said...

That, is AWESOME!