Saturday, October 16, 2010


I recently bought a package of Moda Turnovers online, called Renaissance. I must say that I wasn't totally impressed with the designs. Oh, they were pretty, just not in any of my colours.
So, what to do?
Off to Fabricland, to purchase more fabric that would coordinate with Renaissance, since I didn't have anything to wear, oh, I mean, go with it.
A marbled rusty, terra cotta sort of red was it. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph well, and looks pink.
I started with 80 triangles. Sewed 2 to each 6 1/4" square for a total of 40 squares. Unfortunately, I did my math wrong, and cut out almost 80 squares before I realized I only needed 40.

Once I got the squares cut back into triangles, I started trying to place them in a design. I wasn't feeling happy. So I started throwing those extra solid squares in here and there. It started to look better.

So, back to the machine to stitch, and stitch, and stitch. Once they were all together, I had it 9x9 square. Not a real useful size. So, I added a border of the outside border fabric and another row of solid squares on the top and bottom. Ah, much better. By now, this quilt was starting to grow on me. So I put the outer borders on and started to piece the backing which I DID pull from my stash. It, happily, is in a dark teal with a paisley that has the same rusty red in it. So at least the binding will go with the backing! Once I get this quilted, I think I'll donate it to my son's school bazaar. Maybe it will find a home where someone absolutely LOVES the colours.


A.J. Dub. said...

Very nice!

Melody said...

No wonder the quilt started to grow on you. It looks great.