Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shh, Don't tell my mom...

I've become a fan of starch. No, hell hasn't frozen over as far as I know. But I've been reading a lot of quilters blogs and there are a lot of them out there that say they starch all their fabric before cutting and it makes the pieces more stable so they sew together better.
So, I've been dabbling in the 'starchy' world. Today I put a quilt top together that I had starched the fabric before cutting. It really did make the fabric a LOT easier to handle and, I have to admit, it made my accuracy on seams much better. Ironing the seams open really was easy. I had the 3 piece blocks done last evening and it has taken less than 3 hours to get the blocks together into a flimsy.I'm calling it my " Best laid plans" quilt because despite my best plans to not get two blocks with the same print touching, by the time I had it together, there were. But I'm NOT unstitching it. I'm enjoying the scrappy look of this one. Even the back looks pretty good. It has some Moda, some Thimbleberries, some Benartex and some unlabeled fabrics in it. I think I'll use up some navy print that I have in the stash for an outside border and backing. But right now, it's nap time.

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wackywoman said...

Hi Terresa,

I too starch. Love it. By the way, do you know you are set to no reply for your blog? Can't reply to your comments then.