Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday

Today started and ended well. My DS was in a good mood this morning so getting breakfast and off to church went smoothly. Once we got home, DS basically immersed himself in his Lego. It was rainy off and on so we didn't venture outside except for doggy duties. The movie Monsters Inc. was on tv, so that was on in the background.
I pulled out the "Best laid plans" quilt and added another row to the bottom so it will end up twin size when finished. I'm tall, and there is not much worse than a 'too short' blanket!
Then I added a 5" navy border that has a subtle white on blue print. Having the blocks so square sure made it easy to put on straight borders. I can't wait to get it on the frame and scribble all over it with the Horizon.
On another note, the 'senior's quilting club' that I go to on Mondays, is starting a new project tomorrow. We're all making the bargello quilt called "Ribbons in Motion." I still needed the flannel blanket for the batting, but couldn't find one anywhere. Don't people use flannel anymore?
So, I'm taking a risk. I bought a microfleece blanket to use for batting. It's soft but not stretchy, I got one that's twin size and in cream colour. Hopefully that will make for a good batting. It doesn't shrink either so if I ever have to (hopefully not) wash the wall hanging, at least it will be stable. If it works out well, I may just have a cheaper alternative to W&N batting for kids quilts and wall hangings. Anything helps the budget! I know people use minkey for the backing on kids quilts, so I'm hoping the theory transfers to microfleece.
For my good quilts though, I'm sticking to what I know works. I'm chicken I guess.

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