Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stash Enhancing Exercise

I love it when quilting stores have sales. What better excuse to add to the stash? One store in London is closing down, so I've been there twice in the last two weeks, once for me and once for a client. Then I got a notice that one of my fav's was also having a sale - 30% off everything in the store! woohoo - score!
I came back with yardage to make a second "Ribbons in motion" bargello, some yardage for a new bag like the one I made yesterday, and some really cool winter print flannel to make my DS some PJ's for Christmas. I also added some Superior threads to try out on the quilting frame, and a pak or needles, and a bag of batting, and a calendar...
Then I went to Michael's to pick up a new 45mm rotary cutter as I broke the handle on mine this week. Michael's had a 50%off coupon in their flyer this week so it was a good time to get one. While I was there, I noticed that my favourite storage system was on sale again. So I picked up a storage cube with four drawers. The drawers are the perfect size for fat quarters!
The system is officially for scrapbooking, but they work great for sewing too.

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elle said...

oooh, I like that 4 drawer storage cube. Yay for Michael's coupons! I'm hearing lots about this Superior Thread. I'll have to try some.