Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Darling Son just 'pranked' me !!!

I have just been pranked. It's the first time he's pulled a practical joke on me that I wasn't "prepared" for.
I've just been "squishy-d".
What's a squishy? You might ask?
It's a prank from the "Captain Underpants" books for tweens.
He takes two packets of ketchup. Fold them in half and place carefully under the toilet seat - preferably under the little "feet."
Then when the prankee, in this case, ME, sits down, "S P L A T" goes the ketchup. On the wall, down my legs, on the floor and all under the seat.
I couldn't stop laughing to get stern with him. I knew immediately what it was because we had read the "book" together. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have been so amused.
The little stinker has a sense of humour!
He just better not try it again.

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