Sunday, October 10, 2010

My darned cute quilt inspectors

All right folks, it's time you meet the quilt inspectors at my house. The aloof cat is "Smitten", also known as furball, and drama queen. She likes to play the "woe is me" game until the dog falls for it and chases her. Then she makes a fuss because the dog is, well, chasing her.
Our puppy is "Neeka", usually known as "naughty Neeka." She's got her fall coat on. I prefer the shorter trim, but it's pretty chilly out there late at night and in the early morning, so I might just leave it a little long for the winter. It beats having to put a coat on the pooch!
Smitten will find any quilt, or part of a quilt, or stack of fabric, or even a scrap of fabric to lay on. I think she's just testing it for coziness.
Neeka keeps my feet warm when I sew. She's usually a few inches from my feet and sometimes closer when I sew. If I'm sewing in bare feet - yes that does happen- she'll sometimes lick my feet to get attention. Eeww!
So now you know. We have a menagerie at our house. Two cats (the other one is my boarder's), one dog, some 15 or so fish in the aquarium, one 10 year old boy and me.
Who makes the biggest mess? Well, that's debatable.