Monday, January 31, 2011

"Hair of the Dog"

All I could think of was the tongue twister about "how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" when I saw the inside of my dear Horizon. I just finished quilting the main body of the 'Monster', so all that fluff is from it. Sooooo,
How much fluff could a King quilt make when a King quilt quilting makes fluff?
I was a tad ashamed when I saw just how much gunk was under the needle plate. I swept with the brush, I pulled chunks out with my hemostats, and yet there was more. I stuck the straw adapter (held with good old duct tape) on my hand vac into every crevice and got more chunks out. Then I took out the bobbin carrier - AAAHHHHH. It looked like a felt pad under there. I pulled it out with my fingers in one chunk.
I am so sorry, sweet Horizon that I let you get so dirty. But I couldn't take her off the frame in the middle of a quilt.
So, it just goes to show you how important maintenance is.
After I used the brush, I got out my favourite cleaning tool.
This is where 'hair of the dog' comes from. Yes, I use batting to clean the lint debris from batting. It works like a charm. I take a piece about 1"by2" and first clip it into the hemostat, then slide it into every little groove that it will fit into. Make sure to clean all the lint off it, and do more. Then I fold the batting in half so it makes a little puff and use that to pick up all the tiny stuff that still clings to surfaces.
Once it's clean, a drop of oil on the wick, and a drop here and there in the take up lever and needle post, and she's ready for another 50,000 miles, or another quilt, whichever comes first.

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

Ohh.. good advice! And what a tease that we don't yet get to see the quilt!!