Monday, May 30, 2011

Family times - good times

Our family celebrated this weekend. We truly are blessed. Every member from the oldest to the youngest was able to be there. So, we took photos. Lots and lots of photos. Over 1000 photos by the time you counted everyone's camera! So, we're in the editing process and will burn a CD for my parents. After photos, we went out for dinner and returned later to party into the night...

We celebrated Mom and Dad's 55th wedding anniversary....
This is the original family with spouses. I have 2 brothers and two sisters.
This is a shot of all the grandchildren with their spouses and significant others, as well as the 4 great grand children.

We also celebrated my handsome younger brother's 50th birthday.

My younger brother and his wife.

And here's my family photo of my parents, me, and my son.

I can't wait to see everyone else's photos - some have better lighting/exposure as well as some funny candid shots. Sometimes it's the funny shots that really show what a family's like - right?

Brother in law insisting that "this is my better side!"
Dad and Mom hamming it up with the great-grands! Trying to get the younger ones all lined up at the same time was like trying to keep puppies in a basket.
So that's what I did this weekend - how about you?

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