Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been a good news, bad news kind of day.

Most days I love being a homeowner. Some days I don't. Today was a tough one.
My boarder had pointed out that the hydro was 'flickering' and yes, last evening I noticed it too.
Then today, she told me that there was a burnt smell in her room and the power bar with the surge protector wasn't working.
So, I bought a new one.
Then when I got home, the washing machine was full of water and clothes, and wouldn't spin. I played with it for a while, flipped some circuit breakers to no avail, and called the service guy. He can't make it until Monday.
So, in frustration, I called the Hydro company. (for my American friends - it's the electric company).
They sent out a service man and he had a good look around - outside because they're responsible for the hydro up to the point it enters your house, then it is your baby.
He knocked on the door 20 minutes later to tell me it was a problem on the outside of the house (whew) and that he had hooked us up through a HUGE extension cord to the neighbour's power but assured me that they would not be billed for my use. And then he told me someday, not sure when, the crews would come out and locate the services (I know they run under the driveway) and then proceed to dig up said driveway, and part of the lawn to fix the problem. Now, normally the thought of having your driveway dug up would make a homeowner weep. But you see, my driveway is in desperate need of being dug up and repaved. The area where I park has divots about 4"deep where my tires fit in perfectly. But the downside of that is, in the winter, the tires are frozen in their little ponds of ice.
I had been thinking of getting an estimate for repairing said driveway, but basically was afraid to. So now, fingers crossed, they will do the digging up and repairing for me - and at their cost.
Now that's a bad news turned good news kind of day I can handle.
Bring it on!


Christie, Describe Happy said...

Boo! Sorry to hear about your bad luck, hope things get better soon!!

A.J. Dub. said...

I hope everything goes well and moves along quickly for you!

Deanna said...

Whew! What a story. But with a (hopefully) happy ending!