Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Who doesn't love a road trip. On a cool, dark, drizzly day, nothing can top a road trip. I needed to shop for a fabric for sashing in a quilt I'm making (I didn't love my first choice) so I planned to head to Coldstream to The Marsh Store. If you've never been there, you've missed out on the hospitality of Shirley, (human) and Nellie (canine). This shop is a delight to visit as it's in a historic home, complete with wonky hardwood floors and nooks and crannies that hold all kinds of fabric and notions. It's a destination in it's self.
So, I said to myself, "why not take a few friends along?" The first phonecall had a resounding "Yes." As did the second and the third. So the four of us set off in the rain to go shopping.
Except for the little issue of being a half hour late due to an unfortunate interaction with the local constabulary. "Oops."
But we did get going, and once we were laden down with our purchases at The Marsh Store, we headed to Komoka for lunch. The Hearth restaurant served up a yummy split pea and ham soup (almost as good as my mom's) and sandwiches, and - really, really good coffee.
Then finding an hour left to spend, we headed to Mount Brydges, to Sew Creative. Here we were hosted by Joan in her shop and more petting of fabric ensued. We oohed and aaahed at all the beautiful quilts on display, and did more shopping, of course.
So, by 2:30 pm, we headed home. Just in time to drop off my three amigos and be at the school in time to pick up my son at school.
I was treated to a short nap after school. Thank you son!
Now I'm all set to continue with the quilt top in process. Stay tuned for photos - soon, I promise!

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