Friday, May 20, 2011

One done, four more added to the to do list.

I delivered the wedding quilt and shams yesterday and the mother and the father of the groom were ecstatic. I'm so glad they loved it, it feels really nice when something I make is really liked by the person receiving it. So, on to the next project.
I started a teacher gift yesterday, a 54"x72" sofa quilt. It is 6 inch squares of 2 main colors and 2 accent colors. I got the top made, so hopefully I can get it quilted tonight in the FNSI. Then I can put it aside knowing there will be no end of the year rush.
I'm going to make a second one of the similar style for a friend who helped me make a lot of important financial decisions before Christmas, and would not accept pay for his time. I told him I would therefore, make him and his wife a quilt. They both like green, so it should work out fine!
After that, I hope to get started on my denim quilts. I have 2 teenage nephews that a denim quilt would be perfect for.
So, I guess I have a couple of things on my to do list eh? TTFN

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

Fun! We will be quilting quilts 'together' tonight. Happy sewing!!