Monday, May 9, 2011

It's about time.....for gardening.

I've gone and done it. I've tossed tradition out the window. Local gardening "rules" are that you don't plant any annuals before the May long weekend because there is still a chance of frost.
Tough. It has been probably 3 years since I've put any effort into the front flowerbeds because of illness, depression, finances, etc, etc, etc. It just never got to the top of the to do list. But today was different.
You see, I had an appointment with an Oral Surgeon today about a lump on my tongue. He was the same doctor who did my jaw surgery as part of orthodontics many, many years ago. Anyway, I've had a lump removed about 6 years ago, and was worried that this was another one. My dentist agreed that it needed to be "looked at." Well, the surgeon doesn't think it's anything serious, probably scar tissue from biting my tongue (that's a whole different ball game, Me? biting my tongue LOL, but we'll go with it) but agreed a quick biopsy was a good call. So that's booked.
What has that got to do with gardening? Well you see, his office is only a couple of miles from the absolute best gardening centre in this part of SW Ontario. Canadale Nurseries in St Thomas, Ontario. I could spend hours there just browsing. And since my appointment took less than a half an hour, and cost less than expected, I went shopping to celebrate.
That started it. Then I went to another nursery closer to home on the way to picking up DS at school. So now I have
1 new shrub for the front (to replace a dead one)
3 varieties of annuals that are drought 'resistant' since the prediction is for a hotter than normal summer.
and 2 varieties of tomatoes, and just for fun - a clump of parsley.
I got the small bed between the front steps planted tonight. I live in a semi-detached house and there is about 3-4 feet between the steps that we've always put flowers in beside the now dead shrub. So it looks marvelous now. I still have to get some more mulch to put down to hold the soil in place, keep the moisture in, and most importantly - keep the black topsoil mud OFF my dog's feet.
Tomorrow I'll deal with planting the rest, but the night is falling, and my sofa is calling.


Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yippie for gardening and glad you hear your appointment went well!

Deanna said...

Great story! I hope to do some planting this weekend myself.