Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ready for gifting - ahead of schedule - Yeah!

I love it when I finish something ahead of schedule. I had hoped to have this ready for giving by May 28, so yeah!
This is the photo I've shown you before of the finished top before quilting.
I did a wandering feather pattern over the center of the quilt. The inner border has topstitching 1/4" in from each edge.
The outer border is feathers again, this time following a foundation line of a single wavy line. This is the first time I used a foundation line and I like how it turned out. It made it easy to adjust the feathers to go around the corners and to keep them a uniform size.
Here's a pic of the matching pillow shams. I had two blocks that turned out just a bit smaller than needed for the quilt, so this was a great way to put them to use.
The body of the pillow sham is quilted, and the fringe is plain. It is completely reversable so the other side matches the backing of the quilt. That way there are two options! Love options!
Here we are packed up with the care instructions packed with it!

Now, what shall I tackle next?

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