Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNSI results - take one off the to do list....

Last night was another successful FNSI. I love these virtual evenings sewing together with my online buddies. Besides, it gives me an excuse to sew 'til I drop - figuratively speaking as all I dropped were my scissors about a dozen times. :)
I worked on finishing the quilt for my son's teacher. Her colours are brown and green and orange, so this is what I came up with. And - I tried something new for me -- I pieced some of the front fabrics into the back. I like~! I think I'll be doing that again.

The quilting is freeform "S" 's and I really like how that looks. I will definitely use that design again. It's actually relaxing to just swoop to the left.....swoop to the right... repeat....

Here's a closup of the stitching.

So, that's what I did Friday night. How about you?

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Cheryll said...

Thats GrEaT ! I love the quilting... might try S one time too...looks good! Another successful FNSI to me! See you next month! :)