Friday, November 19, 2010

Feather Feature

I quilted MY quilt over the last couple of days. Now I'm unquilting some of it. You see, I changed my mind. I found feather zen.
Up until now, I've had a fear of feathers. Oh, I like birds, but quilted feathers, well, I figured they were for the 'experts.' Having had a quilt frame for only a few months, and my Janome Horizon even fewer, I, by no stretch of the imagination, do not consider myself anywhere near the 'expert' category.
So, I started quilting following a simple, swirling pantograph. And I didn't like it. It didn't flow, it didn't suit the quilt, and it showed every stop and start. Yuk.
So I decided to do the next row in feathers. Wow. Freemotion heaven.
The motion was just so smooth, and rhythmic, it was soothing. So I did more.
Before I knew it, I was on the last row! So, I did the bottom border. I don't usually do my borders on the frame. I usually do the binding first, then do the border pattern on the table top machine. But the feathers just flew onto the fabric. So when I was done that, I unrolled the quilt back to the top and did the top border too.
That's when I decided the first row had to come out.
So now, I'm unquilting that row. It's almost done. Then I can do more feathers!
I have a feeling I've uncovered a monster!

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