Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ribbons in motion Bargello

Here she is. The bargello that the quilting club was working on. You've been so patient waiting for the photo. The colours are a little off because it's a flash photo, but I had such a willing helper to hold it up that I couldn't refuse! That's my 10 yr old doing his "Kilroy was here" impression.
I really have it good, he's my biggest quilty fan. He's always interested in what I'm doing, what I'm making, what am I going to do next etc, in between being attached to his Lego and watching anything that has to do with Star Wars.

I think the next (???) time I make a bargello, I'm going to lay out the fabrics and take a photo first. I might have arranged the greens a little differently. But then, I kind of like the way there is a lighter line and then a darker one again. It really shows the 'motion' in the pattern.

Now I just have to get in gear and do the second one - there is enough fabric left over from the 1/4 meter cuts to make a second one. I only had to buy the background fabric. Who doesn't love a 2 for 1 deal?

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