Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Revised pattern for "Marilyn"

So, I sewed all day today. More accurately, I made pattern pieces all morning, and sewed all afternoon. I figured if I'm going to make more than 1 Marilyn bag, I really should put a pattern together so I don't have to "figure" it out every time.
I made a few important changes. I made a rectangular bottom piece and used side panels on the bag. This was because the front pocket with the pleats needed a bit of reining in at the sides, and especially on the bottom. Having a center seam on the bottom meant that the front pocket extended all the way to the center seam - so, when I put my pens and keys in there, down to the farthest bottom they went - that meant "under" the main part of the bag. By using a bottom panel the base of the pocket is secured, and I'll be able to find my keys again.
I added a velcro closure to the front pocket, mainly because I thought I had a magnetic one in my stash, but I didn't, or it was hiding, so velcro it was.
I love the fabric on this one. It's just so rich and luscious. The pleats really don't show that well on the picture.
I took a TON of pictures so I have a tutorial in the making.
Not sure if I'll post it or keep it for my own reference.....hmmm.
So, here she is!

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A.J. Dub. said...

I vote for posting the tute! That is so pretty!