Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quilt 'til you Wilt

I'm getting ready. I'm shipping DS off to grandma's friday night for the weekend. Then early saturday morning I'll be loading the van and off to St. George's Presbyterian Church for the annual "Quilt 'til you Wilt" day hosted by the London Friendship Quilters Guild. We're right across from a Fabricland too, so that will be handy if any supplies are needed.
So, I've got my list made. I'm bringing two projects to work on, one is a double size quilt top for a client, the other is a second bargello "Ribbons in motion" because I had enough fabric to do two. I'm also going to bring a Christmas wall hanging that I'm working on 'just in case I have time.'
Yeah, ok, I'm dreaming that I'll get to the wall hanging, but I figure it's better to be prepared than to run out of stuff to do.
I'm still debating on which machine to bring. I'd love to bring the Horizon, but she's pretty heavy. My smaller Janome travels better, but, there's a little girl inside me who wants to show off my new toy.
I've got my list made so I don't forget anything and have started packing all the little items in my tote for the day - my toolbox. Seriously, it's my toolbox, I just dumped out the drill bits, and screws, and screwdrivers etc into a box and I'm loading it up with thread, stitch rippers. rotary cutter with extra blade, etc.
Now, if I could just FIND the little glue bottle tips I bought at Micheal's on Wednesday. They seem to have disappeared. I might have to check out the dog crate or the cat's bed in case they are the guilty thieves!
I'll post next week about what got accomplished Saturday.
For now, I'm hoping the predicted snow shows up tomorrow, or I'll have one disappointed kid on my hands.
"Mom, I sure wish it would snow."
"Yes dear, it shall come to pass. I just don't know exactly on which day."
"Oh, but I really, really, want it to snow, Mom."
When it finally does snow, I don't want to hear that it's too cold to go outside!

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