Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pics of Janome Horizon on the frame.

Yes I know, the machine is brand new and I modified it. So? I'm a tinkerer like my Dad. If something isn't quite the way I want it, I'll "fix" it if I can, So, I did.
The covering of the machine head had to come off. It was too big and just holding air. By taking it off, I scored a couple of anchor points to add the handle on the front. This is my 'steering wheel.'
If I could move the handle for the needle threader I'd move that too because it bumps up against the front roller. I moved the plastic bar that has the LED lights first so it would be out of my path of sight, then attached it on the front face of the head so the light wasn't wasted. If you look closely, you can see the steel 'repair plate' that I used to extend the bed of the frame by 2". It's in the back corner of the frame by the mirrors.
She ain't quite as beautiful in looks this way, but she works like a dream machine.

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