Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Have you ever had one of those weeks when life just gets out of hand?
Well, this was mine. So, frankly, Friday Night Sew In just didn't happen.
Oh, I've quilted this week, just not on Friday. Friday night was adventure time with the Cadet troop. We travelled to Ingersoll to go to the "Bethlehem Walk." It is a wonderful experience where you are led through a series of stations, through the bush, to follow the story of Christmas. The path is lighted with candles, and your tour guide gives you a talking tour as you visit King Herod, the archangel (in a tree with a spotlight!!), Roman guards chiding you to stay in line, roaming bands of theives trying to steal your "shekel", then through the tax booth where the 'census' is taken and you pay your shekel in taxes. Then on to visit a prophet, then see the star (up high above) until you arrive at the stable where the Holy Family is with the newborn Christ child. After that you are informed that the story of Jesus' birth would not be complete without the cross, so you see the Centurion at the cross stating that "surely He is Lord!" Then you see the marvelous conclusion of the empty tomb. That's where I was on Friday night.

Saturday I spent some time finishing off MY quilt, doing the borders, and hiding the threads.
Saturday night was another night out. This time without my son. He went to a friend's place while I went to his school for the Fall Auction Fundraiser. What a fun evening, with parents bidding against each other for unique items. The annual offering of a kilo of honey fetched its usual high price. As did the jar of peppermints. Each was well over $100. Silly, maybe, but those two items are a tradition, and the tradition lives!
The Renaissance quilt that I had donated fetched a lovely sum, so I was pleased with that.
I won a couple of items in the silent auction, so my son will be enjoying a couple of London Knights hockey games this year. Whether he takes me along, or his Big Brother remains to be seen. But Saturday was another late night.

Today, I finished my quilt. I got it squared up and the binding on. I'm cuddled up under it as I write this.

So that's it for my FNSI entry. I'm sure all the participants understand-completely.

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A.J. Dub. said...

That sounds really neat and certainly wonderful way to spend a Friday night.