Sunday, November 7, 2010

LFQG Quilt 'til you Wilt November 2010

We quilted until we wilted! Saturday we were hosted at the StoneRidge Inn just outside of London for our semiannual Quilt 'til you Wilt day. What a beautiful facility. We were treated so well, and the food was amazing.
The room was full of buzzing sewing machines, quilt blocks laid out on the floor, (BTW, sorry for my big clods stepping on one.) Irons and ironing boards were provided by the Inn. Over coffee, we worked on new projects, old projects, Christmas projects, and on checking out each other's projects.
I managed to get the quilt top done for Nicole's quilt. Start to finish for the top was about 5 hours. I spent the rest of the evening cutting and starting a second Bargello like the one my senior's club is doing. BUT - You see, I almost didn't make it there.
I packed off my son to grandma's Friday night, and Saturday AM packed the car, and off I went to our usual meeting spot. I knew there was a problem when I saw the sign for a church bazaar and the parking lot was packed full!
Yes, that's right, the event was not being held at the church. Darn!
So, being a resourceful blonde, I phoned for help. Well, I tried to phone for help. The first person I tried, I got the wrong number, and not knowing her spouse's name, I went on to plan B.
I knew our blog editor's name, so I called directory assistance for the number. Now, you have to understand, I THOUGHT she had a unique last name , as it is about a mile long and most of the guild members refer to her as Mrs. VMS instead of trying to say her name.
Imaging my shock when the operator told me there were several listings under that name!
So, vaguely remembering that her husband's name started with a J, I asked for the first one and got a John VMS. Nope, answering machine told me it was the wrong family.
Called 411 again, this time I got an office answering machine. Wrong number again, and they were closed anyway.
Called 411 again, this time got a lovely elderly lady on the phone. She said "oh yes, I have her number," and gave me the phone number. Now, I should have twigged in when it was a 905 area code, but I dialed it anyway. Sure enough, it WAS Toronto, but the lady did have the same name as the one I was looking for. I guess they're distant cousins, by marriage, twice removed, or what ever. But she was kind enough to look up the right number on the internet and gave it to me. Good, now we're on the right track right? Nope, not so fast.
Called the number - no answer. Darn. I was starting to think I was going to have to "wilt" at my own kitchen table! So, another person I did know the last name of was our president of the guild. So I called 411 AGAIN, and tried her. No answer.
Now my cell phone bill was getting about as high as my blood pressure at this point. So, I started home. At a red light, I thought, I'll just try Mrs. VMS again. (Yes I know it's illegal to be on the cell while driving - but technically, I was stopped - until the light changed.)
BINGO ! Her husband answered the phone and quickly got the lady of the house on the line.
She just laughed. It was pretty funny, in hindsight. She gave me the directions to the Inn and wished me a good time. So, I got there just before 10:00 am. A little worse for wear, but I got there. Next time, I'll know where to go, unless they change it. They better not!!
Boy, was I feeling blonde by now.
Near the end of the day, we could hear the festivities for the two weddings that were being held at the Inn. Sounded like a good time. Then one of the guests arrived at our door with his 10 yr old daughter, explaining that she was having a wardrobe malfunction, and could anyone fix her dress? Imagine the chances of having a room full of sewing ladies at the same Inn where you tore your dress at a wedding! I called her over, and in about 10 minutes had her on her way. Her Daddy was very grateful, and I don't think the young lady is going to forget THAT wedding!
So, here's a few pics of our day.

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