Saturday, January 22, 2011

The FNSI finish

I finished the purple and blue quilt top today. First I went to the fabric store to get more purple batik, as well as a purple print that I'll use for the binding. I dragged my son along. Then we went to the fairgrounds to check out a dog show. I've never been to a dog show, but we both wanted to see some schnauzers on parade, so we went. We missed them. The terrier class had shown at 10:30 am, and we arrived at 12:00. We did speak with one breeder who still had her dog there, but if there had been more, they were gone already. Better luck next time.

Here is a pic of the finished quilt top.

I've also discovered another sewing notion. One of those kind that you have around the house and one day you think, "hey, I wonder if......." I needed to label every block to keep track of which one went where, and I also wanted to keep straight how they were oriented so I didn't get a 'shadow' on the wrong way. So, instead of pinning a tag on them, or getting up to find some safety pins, I reached over and grabbed the stapler. It's a great way to label blocks. Once I had each one cut out, I stapled a tag with the number, onto the upper left corner. Then when I went to sew the shadows on, I got them right side up. They're so easy to remove - just fold the staple in half and ease the prongs out of the fabric. Should of thought of that one sooner!


Judy said...

Love the vibrant colors of the quilt top! Great idea for keeping track for blocks too - I seem to screw up the order just pulling them from the design wall to the machine!!!

I'm glad you got to see at least one schnauzer. My ridgeback, Cooper was a show dog, and if we were at a show close to the house, we were there for ringtime and then home right after! If there is a benched show in your area, that's the best way to check out all the breeds!

Impera_Magna said...

I love your purple quilt top... very nice work!

Deanna said...

I have never seen a design quite like that before. Great shadow effect and that butterfly fabric is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Great work and loved seeing the monster at guild.

Could not find the button to send you a message and not by way of a post.

Anyhow, email me at

Talk soon,

Vicki said...

A wonderfully bright quilt, really love the purple batik.