Monday, January 17, 2011

Not bad for a day in the cave...

Monday. It's quilt club day in Dorchester at the Seniors Centre. I'm lucky that they let me come, being underage and all. I decided that the wacky purple and blue quilt that I'm making for one of my nieces made too many teeny tiny scraps to do at the centre - better at home where I can sweep them up regularly, or pick them off the dog, or cat, but I digress.

Club starts at 1:00 pm, so at 11:00 am, I started starching my fabrics that I had pulled from my stash. This quilt, destined for my oldest nephew, is coming COMPLETELY from my stash, even the thread! This makes me happy, and my chequebook too :) I brought all the starched pieces to the club. Then I started cutting. This quilt takes 120 - 8 1/2" blocks. So, I needed 240 - 4 1/2" squares, and 120 - 4 1/2" X 8 1/2" rectangles. I got them all cut and started chain piecing the squares together before I had to leave at 3:00 to pick up DS at school. I thought that was pretty good! It's all due to my newest favourite ruler, the ShapeCutter from June Taylor. It's a 16" square with slots every 1/2" in a 12" x 12" grid. This gem makes cutting strips, and then sub-cutting into squares a cinch. I highly recommend it, even though it is a bit pricey. It's as klutz proof as you can get. The rotary cutter fits into the slits - it's like it has training wheels. You can't not cut straight. And, you can't cut past the 12" because - well, you hit plastic at the end of the groove.

Well, speaking of groove, I was in the groove. So, once we got home, I fed DS a snack and kept sewing. I got all the squares paired up before supper. After supper, I started sewing each pair to a rectangle. Now, it's 10:30 and I have 120 - 8 1/2" squares - sewn, pressed and ready to lay out! Yeah! I think that should count as 'quilt in a day', don't you?

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