Tuesday, January 18, 2011

uh oh, I've become a UFO'er!

I've always finished one project before starting another. Well, almost always, when referring to my quilting. *The rest of my life does NOT count!*
Until recently. I blame it on having more than one machine.
Now I have one quilt on the frame, the "Monster" quilt. I have one that I'm working on for my niece that is a crazy patch of blues and purples , and has a LOT of bias edges to deal with, and now a third - the quilt I started yesterday for my nephew.
AND, I called a client today that I discussed rescuing a quilt with, before Christmas.
I guess, I should also add the Cardinals paper piecing, and the applique snowmen wall hanging too.
I, yes, I've become an official UFO 'er. Too bad we don't make the pay of an NHL 'er eh?

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