Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photos to follow

Well, I saw, I fell in love, and I loaded her in the van.
The Singer 27 treadle was more beautiful than I expected, and I immediately knew I had to have her. But I chatted with her owner for a while anyway. He was quite interested that I had managed to "date" her just by her serial number. So we had a good chat about what you can find online these days. He was pretty hip for a senior. Note I did NOT say anything about "old." Ever since I passed the halfway to hundred mark myself, there is no such thing as "old." It's "vintage" or " experienced" if you want to be politically correct in MY house.
Well, she's still in the van until I get the Christmas tree down, and the Lego put away, and the furniture moved, and the vacuuming done, and maybe a little (lot) dusting done, so I can make a 'perfect' spot for the new kid in town.
I figure I'll work on the few repairs to the cabinet over the winter, but as for using kerosene to clean her up - that will be a summer, and outside, job.
Since she's in the van, I don't have photos yet. But stay tuned- that will come asap!

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