Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The little quilt that grew, better known as....

The Monster! Here's the top of the stars and blocks quilt that I've been working on. After I had it laid out, I decided it needed sashing between the blocks to make each block stand on its own. Well, I didn't take into consideration that it would add a foot to the width and a foot and a half *or so* to the length! This monster is 92" wide and 114" long, and I don't even have borders on it yet. I plan to add another 2" of the sashing material and then a 4-5" dark red border as well. Oh, and pardon the light fixture in the middle of the photos, it's too snowy outside to take it out for a photo shoot.
All I can say is , it better go to either really tall or fluffy people who will appreciate its "all-over" comfort. This is going to put my quilting frame to the test. I think I might just add the borders after I quilt the middle - sew and flip style, that way it will be stitched in the ditch - sort of- by the time I have them attached. If I expect to add the borders before quilting, I don't think it will fit on the frame - and leave me room to change the bobbin - which judging by the size, might be every row! Good thing I found another meter of the red fabric "on sale" last week.
I've decided this one is going up for sale.

You see I have my eye on a (nother) new toy.
I'm going to see a 1904 Singer model 27 treadle sewing machine this afternoon. If she "speaks" to me, she might just come home with me. Stay tuned.....

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