Friday, January 21, 2011

Progress report.

I've been sewing for the better part of 2 days. I've finished the top for my nephew's quilt - it's quite similar to the one at the top of my blog - squares and rectangles. Turned out pretty good, considering I didn't sweat over trying to not get two patches of the same fabric side by side. I just let it happen and it turned out pretty cool.
I made a design decision for my niece's quilt. I've decided to use the crazy patchwork in blocks and make it a shadow quilt. So, I blocked it out on paper, and then cut the blocks to their sizes - they're random sizes and some are horizontal, others vertical. Then I'm framing them in 1/2" black sashing and adding a 'shadow' to the right and bottom of each block. The background is going to be a purple batik. So far sew good. I hope to finish up the top for tomorrow's Friday Night SewIn. If I get it done, then I'll work on the Monster quilt on the frame and get some serious quiltin' done.
So, until I post on Saturday - happy quilting!

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Christie, Describe Happy said...

Your quilts sound really pretty and I still am interested in trying something in batik! Can't wait to see how far you get!