Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another finish and a day at the beach

Last evening, the creative juices were flowing, so I got another bag done. This one was made out of relatively plain fabric - blue with a small "bubble" like pattern. So, well, me being me, I had to quilt it up a bit. So I took one of Leah Day's all over designs and did that over the front of the bag. I love it! The lines are wonky, but that's supposed to be, then they are echoed about every 1/4". At one point I considered doing the bottom half with all-over bubbles, but after about a square inch of it, decided I didn't like it. Can you find the spot? I left it in and quilted around it.

This afternoon, I broke down to my son's insistance and we went to the beach. In long sleeves and jeans, we went to the beach. I felt better when I saw others with sweaters on, because I thought we were crazy. But the sun was warm, the breeze was wild, and the surf was relaxing. Now, if I could find a cure for my son's CONSTANT talking, well then it would have been perfect. I swear he gets lonely if he doesn't hear his own voice! Tonight, it's an early bed for both of us.

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