Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marking a quilt using a stencil

Good afternoon. I'm not one to usually pre-mark my quilts before quilting, but I figured, I should try everything at least once! So, I'm marking the quilt I am making for my mom. I found a beautiful stencil that fits the block really nicely and even scales down well for the sashing between the blocks. I do have to add a bit to the corners, otherwise the four patches in the corners would be left untouched.
I'm using my new Fons and Porter ceramic pencil, and I love this thing. The marking is white, which is perfect for the dark colours of this quilt. The pencil is a mechanical pencil, so I never have to sharpen it, and the lines don't get fatter just because the point is wearing down. This pencil makes using a stencil so easy, I may just have to use stencils more often. :)
Gotta go finish this. Bye for now.

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