Friday, September 10, 2010


Being the klutz kween sucks sometimes. I went to a friend's place to help her transport some big items to the local thrift store, as I have a mommy-mobile (minivan) and she has a compact car. I figured that on the way, I'd stop at my local fabric store and pick up some fusible fleece and interfacing as I'm out of both. Sure enough, I completely forgot to turn off and ended up at her place before I remembered.
Somewhere in the middle of watching musketeer 1 and musketeer 2 try on fashions and decide what was being donated and actually getting everything loaded, I wiped out. Bigtime. I was carrying a diningroom chair in each hand and totally forgot/didn't see the step down in her sidewalk. So, I twisted my ankle in a nasty way, and smacked my nose and upper lip on a chair on the way down. I don't think anything is broken, except my pride, but I do have a case of the ouchies. My nose is still numb and my lip looks like I spent the afternoon with my dentist. When I finally took my shoe off, my poor ankle had saddlebags. So, it's wrapped up, being iced and I'm putting in couch time. My dog is giving my moral support by sleeping on my chest: at least she's not a Rottweiler!
My darling son was sent into the store solo, to pick up my prescriptions and a tensor bandage while I stayed in the car. I did phone the pharmacist and warn her that a 10 year old would be coming in for my scripts, and could she please add a 3" tensor bandage to the order?
The first thing my room-mate asked when I got in the door was - is it your sewing foot? LOL
After I left the thrift store - yes we did carry on and make the delivery, I was faced with a dilemma - not enough time to go home, rest and return to pick up my son at school, and too much time to just sit in the parking lot with my foot out the window to "elevate" it. What to do?
So I hobbled into the fabric store and bought my fleece and interfacing. What else? At least now if I'm cooped up for a couple of days I can sew up a couple of new bags!!
Quilt on!

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Carol A. Babineau said...

Can't keep a fabric gal down!
Seriously rest, please.