Thursday, September 30, 2010

Timing, It's an elusive concept.

Today was setup day for the London Friendship Quilters Guild's "Harvest of Quilts" show. Since I am the "Vendors Committee," I had to be there for the time when the vendors were arriving and setting up their booths.
But,... you know there's always a "but."
But, my darling son woke up sick as a dog this morning. That after a restless night that saw him up and down several times, and me not getting a wink of sleep - or so it felt.
His timing couldn't have been worse.
I had to call the show chairwoman and ask her to pass it on that I would not be there in the am, but would try to be there by 12:30 when the vendors could start setting up.
Luckily for me, I did have a good friend who agreed to "babysit" for the afternoon, so I did make it there in time.
All was up and ready for tomorrow by 6:15 pm. That's pretty good for a deadline of 6 pm!
Hopefully, the fact that he was playing with mud on the front porch when I arrived home, means he will be well enough tomorrow to go to school. I've started to plant the idea in his little head that he's recovered and able to attend school.
Hopefully tomorrow's timing is better.

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