Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remedial flying lessons

I put in some serious time with the Horizon today. I pieced 82 flying geese blocks for the next quilt I'm working on. She worked quite nicely. I only had to send 7 geese back to the drawing board for more flying lessons. After cutting all my fabrics, sewing and pressing the blocks, trimming off the extra bits and tossing back a coffee or two, my poor foot was starting to swell again. So I have it up now, like a good girl.

One thing that came up about the Horizon was the knee lifter. I found it awkward to use because it is too far away from the center position. If you're sitting directly in front of the needle it's a long stretch to reach the knee lift for the pressor foot. Being a nurse, I fixed it with tape - I taped a 2" bumper to the arm with duct tape - it fits me a lot better now.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, you're brilliant...I have that same distance problem with my foot lifter, or should I say, "had."